Will you join the Dutch Tile Flipping Championships (NK Tegelwippen)? (registration closed)

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16 augustus 2021

Following the pilot project in a part of Westwijk last year, the City of Amstelveen is offering a free tile-collection service to all Amstelveen residents this year. The City wants to use this service to encourage citizens to replace tiles in their garden with greenery. That’s why the City has joined the Dutch Tile Flipping Championships (NK Tegelwippen) this year. In June and September, the tiles of Amstelveen residents will be collected free of charge if they replace their tiles with greenery. During the Dutch Championships, as many gardens as possible throughout the Netherlands will be greened up to prevent flooding, provide some coolness in times of heat, retain water in times of drought and increase the living space for plants and animals. In addition, a green living environment benefits our well-being.

 How does the tile service work?

 What you need to do is remove tiles from your garden to make room for greenery. Would you like to make use of the free collection service? Please sign up here.*

*We will only use your details for this campaign. These details will be deleted after the campaign.

You will receive a confirmation e-mail after you have signed up. You can sign up until the Wednesday before the collection day at the latest. Only garden tiles will be collected, no other (garden) waste. The tiles can be placed on the nearest street corner from the Saturday prior to the collection day at 4 p.m. until no later than 7.30 a.m. on the collection day.

 The tile-collection service for the whole of Amstelveen runs on Mondays in June and September:

 The next collection days is on Monday 27 September.

Please consider these aspects when you place your garden tiles for collection:

–          that this is not a location for the placement of roll containers on the day the tiles are collected;

–          that the tiles are not placed against or close to a lamppost;

–          that there are no obstacles for the lorry that will collect the tiles; therefore, do not place the tiles under a tree or near a parked car;

–          that there will be a free passage for pedestrians on the pavement.

Do you take your tiles to the Waste Disposal Station by yourself? Click here for the current opening hours of the Waste Disposal Station.